AA Items – automatic approval items
AA – Against all risk (insurance clause) / association of American railroad
AASHTO – American association of state highway and transportation official
ABS – American bureau of shipping
ACI – automatic container identification
B/A – banker acceptance
B/A rate – B/A discount rate
B/E – bill of exchange / bill of entry
B/G – bonded goods
B/P – bills payable
B/SCH – banker searcher
BAF – bunker adjustment factor ( fuel adjustment factor FAF)
BCO – beneficial cargo owner
BDR – bearer depository receipt
BOM – bill of material
BSC – British shipper council
BUC – bulk utilization charges
BACK HAUL – to haul a shipment back our part of a road it has traveled.
Balloon freight – light, bulky articles
Bank guaranty – guarantee issued by a bank to a carrier to be used in lieu of lost or misplaced original negotiable bill of lading
B/L – bill of lading
Box car – a closed rail freight car
Breakpoint – stuffing and destuffing point of a container unless shipped from house to house
Bulk Carrier – ship for the transport of bulk
Bulk goods – transfer all loose bulk material and liquid good whose quantities cannot be indicated by the pieces. Dry cargo includes e.g. bauxite, ores and grains. Tank cargo includes liquid chemical, vegetable oil and crude oil.
Bull Rings – cargo securing devices mounted in the floor of container
C/A – cash in advance
C/A – correction advice
C/I – certificate of insurance
C/P – carriage paid
C/W – commercial weight ( net weight )
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CAF – currency adjustment factor
CIF – cost insurance and freight
CNEE – consignee

D/H – dangerous/ hazardous cargo
DDP – delivered duty paid
Demurrage – a penalty against shipper or consignee for delaying the carriers equipment beyond allowed free time.
Drayage – charge made for local hauling by dray or truck
Dry cargo – cargo that doesn’t require temperature control
Empty reposting – the move of empty containers by truck or rail to meet service needs elsewhere
Express B/L – non negotiable, where there are no printed copy of original B/L
FOB – free on board
Free Time – time allowed to shipper or receivers to load or unload cars/ trucks before demurrages, detention or storage charges occur.
Handling charges – cost occur in loading and unloading of a cargo to /from a vessel
Immediate exportation – an entry that allows foreign merchandise arriving at one port to be exported from the same port without payment of duty
Laden – loaded on board a vessel
Lading – the content of a shipment
Line haul – transportation from one city to another
Multimodal – various modes of transportation
Notify party – the address of the party who must be notified of the arrival of the cargo in the port of destination, stated in B/L
OBL – original bill of lading
Origin – location where shipments begins its movement at cargoes expense
Packing list – itemized list of commodities with marks and number, but no cost value indicated
Perishable cargo – cargo subject to decay or deterioration
Port of loading – port where cargo is transferred from one vessel to another
Prepaid freight – freight paid by the shipper to the carrier when merchandise is tendered for ship
Restricted articles – articles handled only under special conditions
Relay – a process of transferring container from one ship to another
Shipment – the tender of one lot of cargo at one time from one shipper at one location to one consignee at one destination, on one bill of lading
Shipper – the person or a company who is the owner or supplier of goods
Tare weight – the weight of packing material
Transit time – the time taken by the ship to reach its port of destination from one port of origin
Warehouse – a place for reception, delivery or consolidation of goods


Inland Haulage

Inland haulage includes transportation from vendors to the port of shipment, and from discharge port to the point of stripping the ocean container by truck and/or rail.

Warehousing and Storage

We have a substantial warehousing facility for storage and consolidation of your cargo in such ports like Jebeli Ali & Dubai (UAE), Hamburg (Germany), Kotka & Hamina (Finland) and Moscow & St.Petersburg (Russia).

Container Movement & Consolidation

We have the facility to pick your cargo (20 FT, 40FT, 40 HC container/ LCL cargo) from the factories in the country of departure to their destination port.

Custom Clearance & Documentation

In association with licensed custom brokers, we provide assistance in clearing the import/export cargo in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Such services are also provided in cities/ports where we are connected through our own representative offices or global associates.

Ground Shipping

Shipping across town or around the world, we can help you find solutions to fit any need, any budget, any schedule.


Air Delivery

Our extensive network of carriers is dedicated to delivering your shipments on time, every time.


Sea Delivery

When time is not the issue and you are looking to send heavyweight or bulky items overseas economically.