• 2001 - Founder President to register ``SOLAR SHIPPING``.

    Successful track record, in-depth knowledge of cargo transportation, extensive experience and trusted name in the logistics industry led the Founder President to register SOLAR SHIPPING LTD. in the autumn of the year 2001.
  • Network in many countries of Asia and Europe.

    Solar shipping starting with its headquarter at Moscow and in a very short period of time, spread its network in many countries of Asia and Europe.
  • Eighteen years of experience

    Solar Shipping Ltd’s freight department has fifteen years of experience in all types of commodities and can ship goods to any country quickly and cost effectively utilizing proven sea carriers.
  • The success of Our company

    The success of the company's ``door to door`` logistic services is a result of our quality awareness and dedication of each individual staff.
  • Reputation

    With years of experience in cargo transportation, Solar Shipping Ltd. has achieved a reputation of providing the right destination to the goods within the desired time frame.

Solar Shipping Ltd. was founded in 2001